Conjunction Junction is the most popular "Schoolhouse Rock" song, and it was featured in "Grammar Rock". Its lead vocals are sung by Jack Sheldon.

Grammar RockEdit

  • This song marked Jack Sheldon's debut in the series and What do Conjunctions do? In a railyard, a train conductor shows us how conjunctions work by hooking up boxcars with one of three conjunction boxcars: AND, BUT and OR.

"Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks" CoverEdit

On the album Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks, the song is covered by Better Than Ezra and is on track 4. The music video, being featured at the end of the Science Rock tape, is the only one to have clips outside Grammar Rock, the beginning having a clip from "I Got Six" (Multiplication Rock) and one from "Elbow Room" (America Rock). Additionally, the audio version has a longer ending than in the music video.


  • The song was featured in a comic strip of FoxTrot in which Paige asks her father Roger what a conjunction is, and he sings part of the song.
  • The song is also sung on "The Substitute", an episode of Glee, but it is acapella, short, and a bit off-key.

Schoolhouse Rock: Math Rock (constellation cameo appearance) Edit

  • The Conjunction Junction Railroad Conductor appears as a constellation.
Conjunction Junction Railroad Conductor constellation