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Earth Rock
Number 6
Number of episodes: 12
Original airing: 2009
Production Order
Money Rock
Earth Rock is the sixth & probably the final season of Schoolhouse Rock, going over way to save the Earth. 

Unlike the previous seasons of Schoolhouse RockEarth Rock revolves around three anthromorphic polar bears named Bob, Jack, & Luke.

Episode Number Episode Title Subject

Original Air Date

1 Report from the North Pole Global Warming 2009
2 The Little Things We Do Energy conservation 2009
3 The Trash Can Band Recycling 2009
4 You Oughta Be Savin' Water Water conservation 2009
5 The Rainforest Rainforests 2009
6 Save the Ocean Oceans 2009
7 Fat Cat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song Marine Debris 2009
8 A Tiny Urban Zoo Gardens 2009
9 Solar Power to the People Solar energy 2009
10 Windy & the Windmills Wind power 2009
11 Don't Be a Carbon Sasquatch Carbon footprints 2009
12 The 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycles 2009


Notes This is the first time an animal is shown!

This is the last time a fish is shown!