Max is the main character from the 1995 song "Tax Man Max". He teaches about taxes and has 5 girlfriends, who are bossy brainiac Tracy, who has dark skin, cheerful cutie Annie, who has blonde hair, lazy tomboy Kathy, who has medium skin, crazy yandere Joy, who has orange hair, and beautiful princess Natalie, who has red hair. He was voiced by the late Patrick Quinn.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Max is a short, cute and sweet clown-like Vaudeville tap dancer who is a parody of Bing Crosby with fair skin, a rosy complexion, whiskers on his head, a pink nose with whiskers on the bottom, and a chubby tummy. He wears a suit consisting of a lime shirt around his neck with a red bow tie, a yellow vest with an orange flower-like pin and a white button, purple plaid pants which he calls them "slacks", a blue and grey hat, and grey and white shoes. He carries a tan-colored cane while he's dancing. On the back of the Money Rock VHS Cover and on the Money Rock menu from the Play List of the 2002 DVD, he has rosy pink cheeks covering his smiling mouth, some yellow color on his hat, and black spots on his shoes.