Money Rock is the fifth season (or sixth season if you count Scooter Computer & Mr. Chips) of Schoolhouse Rock!, going over money.


  • Lots of lettuce with a side of: Money Rock!
  • Here's how to make sense of: "Dollars And Sense"
  • How you gonna get by on just: "$7.50 Once A Week"
  • Where does the money go? Here's: "Where The Money Goes"
  • Now let's meet: "Tax Man Max"
  • Let's go: "Walkin' On Wall Street"
  • Hey, whaddya say? I'll give you: "This For That". Hm?
  • What's the national debt? It's a monster!
  • The check..."The Check's In The Mail"
Episode Number Title Subject Original Air Date
1 Dollars & Sense Interest & loans 1994
2 Making $7.50 Once a Week Budget 1995
3 Where The Money Goes Paying bills 1995
4 Tax Man Max Taxes 1995
5 Walkin' On Wall St. Stock exchange 1996
6 This For That Barter & the history of currency 1996
7 Tyrannosaurus Debt Budget deficit & United States national debt 1996
8 The Check's In The Mail Using checks 1996

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