Multiplication Rock
Number 1
Number of episodes: 10
Original airing: January 6, 1973 - March 31, 1973
Production Order
Grammar Rock

Multiplication Rock! is the first category of Schoolhouse Rock, that goes over the multiplication table. It has songs for numbers 2-12, with the exception of 1 nor 10 even though they are mentioned in My Hero ZeroThe Good Eleven

In 1973, Capitol Records released a soundtrack album of Multiplication Rock, featuring all original songs. Two tracks, My Hero, Zero & Three Is A Magic Number had been edited for TV to keep each video within three minutes. This LP features both songs in their full, unedited forms. Also, the album version of The Four-Legged Zoo has a slightly different ending than the television version.

Previews Edit

Opening Edit

  1. It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown Trailer
  2. Paramount Family Favorites Promo
  3. A Rugrats Vacation VHS Preview
  4. Nicktoons On Videocassette Song
  5. Feature Presentation/Warning Screens
  6. Paramount Home Video
  7. Nickelodeon Montage Bumper
  8. Schoolhouse Rock Intro

Closing Edit

  1. Schoolhouse Rock Credits
  2. Nickelodeon Spinning Top Logo
  3. Paramount Home Video


  • Macaroni and cheese with a side of: Multiplication Rock!
  • Hey, let's start the show with: "My Hero, Zero"
  • "Elementary, My Dear"
  • "Three Is A Magic Number"
  • Come on kids, let's go to: "The Four-Legged Zoo"
  • "Ready Or Not, Here I Come"
  • "I Got Six"
  • And now here comes: "Lucky Seven Sampson"
  • And now it's time to make a: "Figure Eight"
  • Look out! Here comes: "Naughty Number Nine"
  • And next: "The Good Eleven"
  • Now to close our show: "Little Twelvetoes"
Episode Number Episode Title Subject Original Air Date
1 My Hero Zero Powers of 10 January 27, 1973
2 Elementary My Dear Multiplication by 2 January 20, 1973
3 Three is a Magic Number Multiplication by 3 January 6, 1973
4 The Four-Legged Zoo Multiplication by 4 January 27, 1973
5 Ready or Not, Here I Come Multiplication by 5 February 3, 1973
6 I Got Six Multiplication by 6 February 10, 1973
7 Lucky Seven Sampson Multiplication by 7

February 17, 1973

8 Figure Eight Multiplication by 8 February 24, 1973
9 Naughty Number Nine Multiplication by 9 March 3, 1973
10 The Good Eleven Multiplication by 11

March 24, 1973

11 Little Twelvetoes Multiplication by 12

March 31, 1973

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