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Two camels

The Four-Legged Zoo is a song part of Multiplication Rock!. It goes over multiplying by fours. It features a class going to the zoo on a field trip, and they use the legs of the animals to multiply by four. The music and lyrics are both by Bob Dorough. He also performs it with a chorus of kids. The original aridate was February 10, 1973.

Multiplication RockEdit

A teacher (Miss Simpson) takes her class to the zoo where they use the animals to learn the multiplication of 4 with four legged-animals (all mammals).


Man & Children: We went to the Four-Legged Zoo, to visit our four-legged friends
Man & Children: Lions and tigers, cats and dogs; a goat and a cow and a couple of hogs
Man: A rhinocerous and of course a hippopotamus... oh yes, a horse!
Children: There are elk and bison, a gnu or two; giraffes and elephants quite a few
Man: A llama, alpaca, vicuna too; zebras, ibexes, and one big kudu; it was swell.
Boy #1: I liked the gazelle.
Boy #2: Now Miss Simpson said...
Girl: She teaches school, you know.
Boy #2: Yeah, she took us there. Well, Miss Simpson said if we counted every head on these quadrupeds, then multiplied that number by four, we'd know how many feet went through the door if we turned them all loose.
Children: Oh no, don't do that!
Boy #2: It's really a groovy zoo.
Children: But anyway what Miss Simpson said it was a good chance to work on our fours in our head. One, two, three, four!
Man: I'll take a lion
Children: One times four
Man: He's got four legs and maybe a roar
Children: Give me two camels, that's two times four; eight legs walking across the desert floor!
Man: A tiger and a lamb and a fat kudu...
(with chorus)...would be three times four, equals twelve legs too
Man: But we might have to subtract when that tiger was through...

Man: Four four-footed friends, no matter who would have 16 legs, and it's always true
Children: That's four times four is sixteen; five times four is twenty
Man: Now a coach and six, if you were Cinderella would have you home by midnight if those 24 legs ran fast as lightning.
Children: Six times four equals 24, seven times four equals 28
Man: Anyone knows that, who cares about seven...(with chorus)...and eight antelope have 32 legs cause eight times four is 32
Man: Here come a small herd of buffalo; they say they're getting extinct, you know
Boy #1: I can count nine
Boy #2: That's 36 legs,
Children: Nine times four is 36. Here comes a baby buffalo
Man: That's good, that's ten! And ten times four, you know, is 40...
Eleven coyotes...
Children: Eleven times four
Man: ...went sneaking across the prairie floor. On all of their legs...
Children: ...equals 44.
Man: Now twelve times four is as high as we go
'Children: Twelve times four is 48
Man: But there were so very, very, many, many more animals standing there by the gate...
(with children) ...but we'd have to use a pencil if we counted them all And we really had fun and we saw every one
Boy: A bear, a cougar, a jackal, a yak, a fox...
Children: (singing) ...some deer, and a sweet giraffe
Man: And I can't remember how many, many more
(with children) ...but we multiplied them all by four and some of them thanked us with a roar

Trivia Edit

Schoolhouse Rock: Math Rock Edit

  • The dog from this song plays an important role in one of the games. In his game, the player must move him around to coral animals into specific pens based on their numbers. After 3 rounds, the dog will join Lucky Seven Sampson's band as the singer.

(Constellation cameo appearance) Edit

  • The 4 Legged Zoo makes a cameo appearance as a constellation.
The 4 Legged Zoo constellation cameo