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The magician from the song.

Three is a Magic Number is a song from Multiplication Rock! It goes over multipling by three. This song was the piolot episode of the whole Schoolhouse Rock! series. It features a magician, who goes over multipling by three while many examples are provided. (A man and a woman have a baby-three in the family, heart, soul, body- three parts) The music and lyrics are by Bob Dorough, and it is also preformed by him. The original airdate was January 6, 1973.

Animals appearing in this episode Octopus Fish Chicken Rabbit

Three is a Magic NumberEdit

Multiplication RockEdit

The pilot episode of the series, a magician shows how magic the multiplication of 3 really is.


  • Blind Melon's cover of the song appeared in track 3 of "Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks".

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